The Interludes Not Seen ( 2020 - 2021 )

The Interludes Not Seen ( 2020 - 2021 )


The project entitled The interludes not seen fundamentally addresses memory and the cycles of life. By revisiting my archives and looking at images from recent years, studying the relationships between my older and current images, I was confronted with the eternal decay of time and attracted by the reminiscences.

Reminiscences give a unique aura to objects that remain inside a house when the people who used them are no longer there, as if these objects entered a kind of suspension. Asking myself about these lapses circumscribed in the cycles of life, I searched images that captured the enchantments of nature, the eternal blossoming of everything that insists on thriving when everything seemed to be heading towards finitude.

My intention with this body of work was to create metaphors about the life cycles, composing diptychs with images that triggered in me strong emotions and images that capture the intermittent pulsation of the universe. A constant dialogue between nature and humankind.

The Interlodes  is a series of 6 diptychs. Each diptych is produced in an edition of 13 + 2 AP for a total edition of 15.

This body of work is printed on Archival paper Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta with archival ink. Each piece is mounted on aluminum with no espace between the images.

There are two print sizes : 16,5” x 48” ( 8 ), 24”x 72”( 5 ) plus 2 artist proofs.