My History

Born in Northeastern Brazil and based in São Paulo, Ana Leal is an artist who works primarily in photography, considering it to be a tool for both depicting and escaping from reality. 


Inspired by minimalist traditions as well as impressionist painters her images result simple, geometric, and often abstract. She considers her work as autobiographical and these abstractions can be seen as self-portraits. Shooting the majority of the time with 50mm lenses, she captures imagery she observes, stages, or edits to invite the viewers into her inner labyrinths. This is her use of the camera to engage, reflect, and share a feeling state, and is the best way she found to push the boundaries of photography to make it a visual journal.


Leal is a Gold Award winner on the 2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards and the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Winner both in the abstract category. She also received Bronze Star at the 2021 ND Awards, and Honorable Mention on IPA 2021, Rotterdam Photo 2021, Prix de la Photographie Paris 2019, and The 15th Pollux Awards. She completed her Master of Fine Arts at Miami International University of Arts and Design (2018).