Amazônia Sutil ( 2019 )

Amazônia Sutil ( 2019 )


The images from the project Amazonia were captured on August 2019 during an eight day expedition in Para, north of Brazil, and they aim to draw attention to the fact that advancing degradation and deforestation of The Amazon Rainforest are pushing the ecosystem to a “point of no return” where it would lose its ability to function.

In the middle of the forest when you face the overwhelming nature, the one that shows us its grandeur and silences us, a sense of mystery and divine is unavoidable. Trying to find a new approach to this important matter I decided that instead of taking the common seen images of deforestation and fires, I wanted to depict the forest with its singular and unique details. Besides its grandeur I wanted people to see this precious and delicate environment that has a key role in mitigating the effects of climate change, an issue that needs to be addressed in a more efective way.

The project was developed during 2020 mixing the original images taken in 2019 with images developed in post production that reached intriguing results. These represent a metaphor for an apocalyptic future when the forest would be worn out ,and along with the original images taken they represent the meeting point between the present and the future.My eyes fill with tears when imagining that maybe in some years we will not be able to glimpse such beauty.

Amazonia is a series of XX images. Each piece is produced in an edition of 13 + 2 AP for a total edition of 15.

This body of work is printed on Archival paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta with archival ink.

There are two print sizes : 16” x 24” ( 10 ), 30”x 42”( 3 ) plus 2 artist proofs.