Apparent Insignificance ( 2020 - 2022 )

Apparent Insignificance ( 2020 - 2022 )


Apparent Insignificance is a project that started during quarantine due to Covid-19. It is a series of images that at the beginning were taken in my apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, and slowly were permeated with outdoor spaces such as a nearby park, a countryside retreat or a short trip to the coast. All of them reflect this period of a contemplative state of mind when the time seemed suspended. It is a diary about isolation, a deep dive into self-knowledge and a reminder of how the conditions in which we exist are fragile, vulnerable but still beautiful.

  I started the quarantine thinking about opportunities the isolation could uncover: a needed time for contemplation and a slower pace of living. Slowly I became self conscious about my living space, my body and my emotions. Led by a contemplative mood, my gaze reconfigured the sense of the simple, registering apparent insignificances that can be found in our daily routines, and are usually taken for granted. Furthermore, contradictory emotions cohabited in an often tired body, and the notion of time and space were many times confusing.

   There is an infinite beauty that pulsates in the details. The images attempt to capture an ethereal, delicate and melancholic experience. They are full of air, and fragility, and they can be seen as registers of my feelings and sensations, showing an implicit interconnection between the most banal and profound things in life.

Apparent Insignificance is a series of 25 images. Some pieces are meant to be displayed as diptychs or triptychs. Each piece is produced in an edition of 13 + 2 AP for a total edition of 15.

This body of work is printed on Archival paper Hahnemühle German Etching with archival ink.

There are two print sizes : 16” x 24” ( 10 ), 30”x 42”( 3 ) plus 2 artist proofs.